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The inspection of Assessing Records for Assyria Township will be received in the following manner:

Assyria Township does not hold office hours. The inspection of the Assessing Records will be by appointment only. Anyone requesting information about property records must contact a Township official to establish a convenient time to view the records. Township Officials include the Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and the Assessor.

The Assyria Township assessing information can be viewed on the BSA website at

If further information is needed, the Township advises that you contact the Township Assessor. The Assessors contact information is on the Assyria Township website at

The usual time for inquiries to be answered is between 24 to 48 hours, not more than 7 days. If you have sent an inquiry by email and have not been contacted by the Assessor within 24 and 48 hours please contact the Assessor directly by phone.

(269) 967-6473


PO Box 211, Bellevue, MI 49021

office hours
By appointment only

Veterans Exemption Process

Township Veterans,

You must apply each year for the Veterans Exemption. Below is the procedure to follow. An Exemption cannot be granted by the Township Board of Review without any of the required information.

YES, you do qualify for the exemption if you are deemed 100% disabled by the Veterans Administration. However, you MUST apply for the exemption with a completed Affidavit (Form 5107). Without the Affidavit & VA letter, the exemption cannot be acted on by the Township Board of Review.

a.) Please fill out the Affidavit (Form 5107) completely.
b.) Please attach your HR Veteran Administration letter of benefits with the Affidavit.
c.) Please return both to the Township Assessor by:
        1.) MARCH 1st, The preferred date to ensure that no billing will be sent to the Veteran.
        2.) JULY 1st
        3.) DECEMBER 1st

If any of these dates are missed, there will be no exemption granted for that year.


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